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The GATV website has been putting up some nice discussions about the show during its hiatus are are very well worth the read. They are divided in four parts as follows:

Week 1: Reaction and analysis of Arrow so far, Part 1

Week 2: Reactions and analysis, Part 2

Last Week: Comparison with other comic adaptations

This Week: Expectations and predictions for the rest of Season 1

The discussion is carried out like a podcast in written form and the questions covered through all four parts are posted under the cut. If anyone wants to discuss them here, feel free. I'd love to read people's thoughts.

We’ve all seen the first nine episodes. What is your impression of the series so far?

What were your expectations of the series going into the pilot and how were they met?

How well do you feel Stephen Amell is doing in the lead role?

Who has been your favorite character on the show during this early run?

Who has been your least favorite character so far?

How effective has the show been in using guest stars and/or guest villains?

What’s the best dynamic or relationship going on the show?

What do you think of the show being a serial/episodic hybrid?

What do you think of the action of the series?

What plot, storyline, or aspect of the series have you connected with the most so far?

What has been the biggest surprise storywise for you?

What plot, storyline, or aspect of the series have you connected with the least or had no connection with at all?

What has been the biggest letdown story-wise so far?

How well have the reveals on the series been handled so far?

Have you had a chance explore the companion comic at all and the supplement it provides to the series?

What is your favorite episode of the first part of the season? Why?

What is your least favorite episode of this first part of the season? Why?

Is this series legitimate or a guilty pleasure? Would you recommend it to others?

Where does arrow’s oliver queen stand for you in the grand scheme of green arrow adaptations? (smallville, jlu, dc animated movies, etc.)

Arrow’s darker tone is clearly influenced by nolan’s dark knight trilogy. Does this feel natural, or forced on the mythology?

What’s the appeal of a “bow and arrow” themed hero, and how well has arrow has utilized this trend?

How much does the way smallville played out influence your expectations of arrow?

Would there be as many smallville comparisons if arrow aired on a network other than cw?

What stunt casting from other comic adaptations would you like to see on arrow?

Does green arrow, as a character, seem to work better in live action than others, or does he fit comics/animation better?

Which live action suit do you prefer: smallville’s or arrow’s?

If justin hartley’s green arrow and stephen amell’s hood crossed universes and met each other, how would they react (and who would win in a fight?)

Would you say stephen amell is now (or on the road to becoming) the “iconic” green arrow of this generation?

What are your expectations for this run of 3 or 4 episodes coming back out of the hiatus?

Which guest star/villain/hero are you most anticipating this season?

What established storyline are you looking forward to the most?

What storyline are you looking forward to the least?

How do you see oliver’s story moving forward this season?

Which character — outside of oliver — do you expect to have the most growth in this latter part of the season?

What are some brief thoughts on what you expect to happen with each of the following characters: Thea, Tommy, Talcolm, Laurel, Diggle, Walter, Moira

Who do you think or expect will be trimmed from the cast, if at all?

Your final thoughts and predictions on the season
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