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I've been helping [livejournal.com profile] re_nan with his writing and gave him a few exercises for him to practice. They'll be short drabbles and he would love to get some feedback, reviews and suggestions. He's a student of mine and he is really interested in continue writing but he just started a few days ago but already improved A LOT.

The first one was themed 'It was a day unlike any other'

This is my own take on the theme and you can go here to read his.

My take )
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I'm 12,802 words into it and I'm hoping it'll be around 15,000.

12802 / 15000

I need a title. I suck at titles.


Sep. 21st, 2011 06:52 pm
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God! I can't believe I'm writing fic. It's totally not my fault! I've written 10,786 words so far and I'm in the second half. Just a few thousands more. I hope. And it's SGA. The TARDIS may have materialized in it. I swore not to write crossovers. It's too complicated when both shows are so damn different from each other but how can anyone resist those mad flailing hands and twirling around?
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I'm thinking about dropping out of the challenges I signed up for. Things are simply not going in fic world. I was able to finish the AU Big Bang story and I really want to finish The World You Know one, but it may take some time.

I also haven't watched SGA in quite some time too. But I have been watching a whole lot of Doctor Who. I think my passion for the Doctor may have been renewed because I even caught myself watching episodes with Nine which I haven't done since the first go when getting into the show. I'm getting quite obsessed over it in fact. So that's just me moving on...

I've seen the new series 5 episodes lots of times and I have been making marathons with the episodes that I have. I also watched some Torchwood again. It's been fun. Finally, I have a show to be obsessed with. Since the cancellation of SGA things have been going slowly. This is followed by a major icon renovation and a new mood theme that needs to be used.

Still, I'm trying to find time to finish reading all those SGA fanfics. Sheppard whump is still good!

And I can't wait for the next ep of Doctor Who!
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Poor, poor John. I found my whumpy muse. It was somewhere hidden in the middle of a few randomly chosen prompt words (generated by my prompt word generator). I don't know how she came back, but I'm 2,800 words into a half new/half reused old fic that is getting juicy and whumpy and seem to fit into the easter prompt.

It was about damn time she returned.

Also, my internet is absolute crap these last few days because I didn't pay the bill. I have no money whatsoever to pay for it. I also didn't pay my electric bill this month for the same reason and got the last few bucks of cash from the ATM which isn't enough to even pay the bus to go to work for these next couple of weeks. In fact I only have enough for today.

Now would be a good time for a miracle.
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I was trying to write, but instead ended up working the whole day trying to come up with a random fanfic plot generator. I found the codes online, tweaked, burned my brain trying to make it generate six fanfic prompt words at a time and finally uploaded it so fellow writers can use it when they are in need of some prompts.

Fanfic Prompt Words Generator.



Mar. 16th, 2010 07:51 am
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RL is crazy. I need my computer time but I seem to spend it all on facebook and don't have time for other important things like LJ and GW. *grumbles*

I need to write my easter fic. *fearfully looks at approaching deadline* I have no inspiration whatsoever and to make things worse I decided to change completely the fic I want to write, meaning that the progress I had went to zero and I still don't know what to do with the prompt. I need a whump.

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I have a bunch of things to write but none of them are writing for themselves. Still one month to go on the Easter fic, but I wanted to be a whole lot further with that one. I'm past 5,000 words, but poor whumped Shep can't walk anymore and neither can I write. I have a tourney fic to write but the prompt hasn't inspired me any. Quite the opposite. It made my muse run off and abandom me completely. Also, I have the lottery fics and the prompts are easier than the previous ones, but still some of them could be a challenge for SGA writers.
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I'm in big trouble. The draw for the [livejournal.com profile] story_lottery came out:

[livejournal.com profile] story_lottery
01. 05 - a tree house 02. 06 - an elevator 03. 13 - a hut
04. 15 - a cemetery 05. 18 - a balcony 06. 25 - a cell
07. BONUS PROMPT! 22 - a sailboat
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I haven't been home since Wednesday, out in São Paulo for a teacher training course. It was wonderful and made a big difference to me and all participants. It gave me more confidence on my own teaching style which is very similar to what they were preaching at the course.

I'm nearly drowning with all this rain everywhere.

I'm happy because Corinthians is winning.

I'm getting desperate because I've reached the bottom of what the bank can give me. I have NO MONEY AT ALL. My credit cards are also starting to hiccup. I have ten bucks in my wallet because my mom gave it to me.

I re-read my draft for the [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang fic. I feel it's all right, but there is something missing which I have to figure out. I don't know what it is yet. Well, I still have time to figure out.

And to all writers in my flist, [livejournal.com profile] sgahcchallenges is still open for sign ups for the Easter 2010 Fic Exchange. We have some great authors signed up, but we need more. So go there and sign up!


sgahcchallenges presents:


easter 2010 hurt/comfort fic exchange


more information


Jan. 19th, 2010 06:16 pm
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I think I finished the first draft of Time of Redemptiom. How did that happen? We didn't even have the first check in yet. Hell, the sign ups for the [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang are still going! How did I manage this?

15489 / 15000

Now I'll just need to go back and start editting. I'll do that next week since this week I have training to do in São Paulo for the new teaching job.

In more good news, my sis may have found a great paying job in a mall in São Paulo. Just like that. She was on vacations in her friend's appartment and bam. She starts on Thursday. She doesn't even have clothes for staying, or even a place to stay. But, you know, MONEY! She also send out a few CVs around the area and talked to a friend that is an interpreter. OMG! Maybe I'll get a job too!
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Time of Redemption

10345 / 15000

Alternate Universe Big Bang
More Information
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I've halted all progrss on The World You Know, but I'm making *excellent* progress in the AU Big Bang fic. The deadline to deliver stories to artists is in April and I'm already over half way through. The fic has a name, Time of Redemption. It focuses on Sheppard and Ronon, it has several cameos by the cast, FBI!verse. Maybe I should commit to deadlines more often. It can do miracles to the muse.
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This is it. The end. Time to go back to RL. *cries* And RL will be though this year. I still don't have money for uni and transport and I already need to pay the first instalment.

Also, I'd like to thank my friend Alexandre, not in LJ, for the great present he sent me. All the extended versions of LotR!!! OMG!!! *squishes him* Awesome!

And if RL and a gigazillion projects weren't enough, I'm going to sign up for the AU Big Bang. I've had this idea for a John and Ronon AU fic for a while now and this Big Bang (and deadline) is just what I need to get going. And yes, it is a totally new project that isn't in my list of future fics. *hangs head in shame* I'm hopeless. I hope I'm forgiven, but it just returned full force when I found out about this challenge and, God! I'm now putting The World You Know on possible hold until I write this one. My muse just slammed!

Alternate Universe Big Bang
More Information

Why do I do this to myself?
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I went back to check out my writing for 2009 and it wasn't so bad. I really wrote a lot in 2009.

2009 Fic Master List )
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Wrote another chapter and got to some good whumpy part.

Word count before:

22153 / 40000


28004 / 40000
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OMG! OMG! OMG! I remembered! I found my Thoughtcrimes and A Dog's Breakfast DVD! They were in the same disc and I had lost them, but now I have it! Thanks to my nephew Gabriel that needs to snatch everything he sees. How could I know that it was stuffed in my brothers CD case? Weeeee!!! Of course, I had already gotten both again, but it is so satisfying to be able to grab the dispearing DVD!

This is my last week before vacations!!! OMG!!! Weeeeee!!! I have a ton of fics to read and I'll try to do it in the next two weeks. Also, I intend to do A LOT of writing.

Talking about writing, I'm starting to get a little bored of my story. It's a good story and a good plot, but I need SOMETHING to happen. I've reached the midway through and it's just talking and talking and talking... I need a bit of action, but I can't come up with anything. *sighs* The situation they're in right now is not very actiony and there are little options on how to add some. *bangs head against wall* It's getting frustrating...

Oh, oh, oh. I had a job interview today in the school I had already worked in before. I already have something for next year. I really liked the changes they made in the school since I left. I'm really looking forward. If everything turns out as I was promised, then I'll have plenty of motivation. (Let's just hope the money is also a motivation, instead of not --> my case now).
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There is a bird on my front transparent door that just won't leave. It's been there chirping happily the whole morning. It's loud and cute.

It's raining on and off since yesterday afternoon and my mom wants me to go to her place have lunch. I love her food and she promised it'll be worth it.

I was woken up at 6AM by my neighbor yelling like crazy. It took a few moments for my sleepy brain to realize what those yells meant. Seriously? At 6AM Sunday? Couldn't she at least try to be quiet when she's with her boyfriend? *sheesh*

My fic is making good progress. I wish I could spend the Sunday writing, but my mom... well, I just can't say no when she asks (sometimes is more like order, lol). 'You are coming over for lunch, right?'

22153 / 40000


Dec. 12th, 2009 12:02 pm
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Why do I have to work when today I woke up feeling really inspired to spend the whole day writing? In between classes, which means a few minutes, I wrote nearly 1,000 words in my crossover fic. And I had an idea on how to cross the stump I had reached in another fic, plus a few other ideas of possible future scenes on both stories. *sighs* Why does fate need to be so cruel to me? Why muse? Why?
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I really hate writing or reading about headache. I was whumping Shep with one and now it's killing me. Why do this always happen to me? For once I'd like to be able to write headaches into my fics without having to take Tylenol.


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