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This is a The Sims 3 Legacy post. Well, more of a story than a real legacy. I'm not very good in following up several generations of sims because I get bored of them so I wanted to tell kind of a different story. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can totally skip this post.

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Firstly, I've posted the cards today, so members of my flist that left your address should receive them in 10 to 15 days and hopefully before Christmas. Sorry about the lateness. I lost my flash drive and only found it today by accident. xD

Secondly, the Star Trek trailer. afsfdffsafsaffsfsdfgsfsdjoij


Oh, for simmers out there, I'm working on a new story. I'm reeeeally excited about this one.

And I'm kind of pissed right now because the present garanteed to be ready today isn't. And I need to deliver it in a couple of hours. Much swearing going on right now.
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Even thought I love my Doctor/River mood theme, I thought it was time for a new one and when I saw a The Sims 3 mood theme today I couldn't resist.

Credit to [livejournal.com profile] kelzies at [livejournal.com profile] nightofthehuntr

Busy, busy

Apr. 9th, 2012 03:16 pm
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Really, it's been a while since I've made an update about my life. Money issues follow as usual. I owe money to the bank and blahblahblah. Nothing new there. Work goes as usual. Some classes that are getting more fun and easier to manage.

The only new thing is that I got a new laptop in exchange for the old broken one. Finally. After two weeks since I requested it through legal means. Not only they gave me a new laptop, they said I could choose any of the ones they had in the store (a big department store) as long as it cost the same as my old one AT THE TIME I BOUGHT IT OVER ONE YEAR AGO. This means that the price I paid can today buy a MUCH better one since they are mostly only selling i3 proccessors or better. I got a shiny fast new computer one thousand times better than the one I had. I could not be happier. And I got a new warranty, which I'm sure I won't need to use since this is a well trusted brand (Lenovo).

I'm spending all my free time playing The Sims, but I guess you already know that given the constant update of my legacy. I download the Create a World tool and I'm learning how to use it and loving it. I've made a realy beautiful vulcanic tropical island with an extinct volcano which is all ready but still empty. I'm going to use it to start the Nothing is Free challenge.

Basically, in this challenge, you start in a totally empty world, without any lots whatsoever, not even a city hall or anything. You create a sim and you need to work on your skills and money (NO JOBS AVAILABLE) in order to BUY and BUILD the lots. For example, in order to have a Stadium you must have maxed the athletics skill and BUY the rabbithole yourself. Each sim can only buy one lot, so you'll need several generations to complete your city. A true challenge. I started it already because I got a little tired of my Cotrim Legacy after generation 3. Don't worry, there are still updates available and I will try to continue, but really, now the only thing I have to do is to get more and more money until I win the legacy and it's only a matter of time. There is no more challenge involved. I need difficult games.

So when I'm not playing the game, I'm testing my CAW creation and when I'm not testing, I'm creating it. Busy, busy.
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Recap: In the last chap we had husband hunting and weddings.

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Recap: In the last chap we had teenager hormones raging and people fighting a lot.

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The Cotrim Legacy - 1.5

Recap: In the last chap we had more babies, kiddies, teenagery and a new house.

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Hi all! I know I'm being a bit absent here in LJ world but that's because I'm STILL having computer issues. I was promised they would be fixed by the end of the month, so let's see about that.

I would like to tell all members of my flist that I'm doing my best to read all your posts and I'm sorry for not replying, but the 3G connection in this part of the city is horrible and my phone usually cannot handle LJ (even the mobile version of the site).

Fellow simmers, I'm sorry for the lack of an update. I still have a few chapters to post, but working on the images is a bit hard with my computer being so goddamn stubborn. I have saved my game progress in my external hard drive (I hope it works, I've never done that before) so I can resume it when my case against the store comes out and they either give me a refund or a new computer (one that doesn't break once a month - really, the thing broke down three times in three months and on each time they took two or three weeks to fix, and on each time it was a different piece of equipment that malfunctioned GRRRR).

EDIT TO FLIST: I forgot to mention that I'm looking for a place to move (again). Some person my sister knows is building rooms to rent and if the price is better than the one I'm currently paying I'll be able to move and maybe even get broadband. Keep your fingers crossed.
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Recap: In the last chap we had a baby boom, lots of crying, screaming, sleepless nights and mommy and daddy with crappy mood.

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Recap: Alexis, an abandoned lonely teenager lives on the streets, looking for scraps to trade for food and tries to save money to make a better life. She married Cornell, got pregnant, finished her house and panicked over getting a job, not sleeping and not having money.

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Recap: Alexis, an abandoned lonely teenager lives on the streets, looking for scraps to trade for food and tries to save money to pay off her debt, which she managed to do after she found the abandoned fire station and used its facilities to learn painting and writing. She met a boy in school and made kissy faces while she wondered if she should tell him the truth about her existence. He was cool and loved her even though she only had the clothes on her back.

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If you remember, this is Alexis Cotrim, an abandoned teenager trying to survive the harsh conditions that life has imposed on her. For an introduction read this post.

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If you don't play the game, you can (and should) skip this post and all the following Legacy posts completely. You can peek if you want of course. And just to warn you, legacy posts are image heavy (I mean it! 60 pics or more), except for this one that is just an intro post. They will hopefully tell the story of how my founder (the first created Sim) goes from poverty and hunger and builds an empire of riches that lasts 20 generations.

This is a legacy based on Rags to Riches: A Billionaire Legacy rules found here. Basically you have to start from nothing but the rags on your back. First, you move to an empty lot with a teenager (you have to make an adult tag along, but then you delete it using cheats) and set your money to zero (use familyfunds cheat). You have to find a way to save money but you can't have a part-time job and you can't plant a garden. Once you have saved enough money you have to repay the computer (the lot is like a loan from the bank - after you make enough money to repay the bank, you use the family funds cheat again to reduce your money by the lot value), and only after that you can start saving the money to build your house (minimum of two rooms - specs to the first house found in the link). Only after you have built your house that you are allowed to get a job and start gardening.

Let me tell you, it's a HUGE challenge. I almost gave up so many times it's ridiculous. But I have prevailed. So far…

So I present to you the Cotrim Legacy. I promise this time I've worked harder. I have started two legacies before but computer problems have prevented me from continuing after chapter 1. My game is pretty advanced already and I just have to find the time to edit the pics and create the posts.

The Cotrim Legacy Intro Post )
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Some of you may not know, but I'm into The Sims 3 and I haven't stopped playing since yeasterday. Let's see how far I'll go with this Legacy.

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This is so funny, but it'll only make sense to people that play the game.

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I have a problem with The Sims 3. A big problem. First, I can't stop thinking about it. Second, I can't stop playing it, and third, this game has crashed almost every time I played. Except for last night. I have a very decent computer and I know the problem is the game. I don't have mods and custom content downloaded, because I only own the game a week. I'll try to download a patch to see if it fixes, but with this soddy connection... Besides, nearly everyone complains about all all these crashes, so I'll not get my hopes up.

You know, the first thing I saw when I came to LJ looking for The Sims 3 stuff was the amount of Legacy posts. It annoyed me so much I almost gave up on sharing The Sims experiences online.

And now look at me, doing my very own Legacy *headdesk*.

The thing is that I found the rules for this legacy thing and got intrigued. It's a real challenge, so I'll see if I can play it like that. I'll try to post my progress and everyone is welcomed to skip it, because I'm sure most (if not all) of my flist doesn't have any idea what The Sims are.

For those that don't know, The Sims is a life simulation game. You create a person, define the looks, the size of eyes, nose, the cheeks, the type of the hair... you can take hours making your sim. Then you need to put clothes, define a personality, choose 5 personality traits from the huge number of traits there are, then favorites... This makes each sim unique. Then you move in to a house or an empty lot in which you'll have to build your house. Now, making a house is a whole other game on its own. For those who like architecture its absolutely awesome (usually, when our own architeture skill isn't the problem, our sim's money will be). Then, you have to play it. You choose a job, a career path, make life altering decisions, marry (or not), reproduce, die, start over... its endless. The game is huge. It takes two DVDs to install it, and you need a supercomputer to play it. I guess I can't really complain about the presence of bugs, it's understandable.

Legacy games have rules. I'll try to play by them, but it'll be hard. For starters, I need to move in to this huge empty lot which will leave no money for a house. I'll see how long I'll survive like this...

So, here goes the Franci Legacy. Beware, this post contains a fair number of images.

The Franci Legacy 1-0 )


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