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That is of course a reference to the amazing victory of my team against Santos, A.K.A The Fish (funny that their mascot is called fish but in fact looks like a whale...). Who was the one saying that Corinthians would be massacrated by them today? I think that a 3x1 result means it went the other way around. That's what overconfidence will do to a team. That what we showed today is called Art.
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I know most of you won't be interested in this (specially fellow Brazilians that happen to squee over all of the horrible, nasty rival teams xD), but I can't not share this.

Let's spare your friend's page from the soccer talk )
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What a loooong week. *can't wait for vacations*

I've been immersed in work and in that World Cup frenzy. I've got my bets in Germany, BTW. I had my weep when we got kicked back home, but at least it wasn't a 4 x 0. Srly, that game made me ten times happier than I'd be if Brazil had won the whole cup xD. ARGENTINA GOT BEAT UP AND MASSACRATED!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! \o/\o/\o/

I watched Doctor Who several days ago and pretty much every single day since then. Cut just in case there is anyone left in the world that still didn't watch it )
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OMG! I saw it!


My head hurts...

Maybe it's better if I just go and have a shower to prepare myself FOR THE BRAZIL GAME LATER TODAY!


♥ ♥ ♥

* * *

I have a bet of 3x2 for Brazil. Let's hope I win, I could really use the money, you know.


May. 5th, 2010 01:25 pm
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I'm dead nervous about tonight's game. I even dreamed about it.
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I found it in YouTube. It's my team's song in Dutch. I don't know if they kept the lyrics though. :S. But it shows they know what good soccer is! XD

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Yep. Still watching SPN. And guess what? I'm really tempted to buy the DVDs. They are as expensive as SGA's, but since I don't have the SPN eps in my computer, I think they should be a priority. *headdesk* So, this month, I'll study my finances VERY carefully to see if I can afford the first two seasons.

Uh. I saw ep 13 today. Still addicted. Also I LOVED the Dean whump in that episode with the heart attack (I can't seem to memorize names, it's the one with the Grim Reaper). I'm beginning to feel he's almost as good as Sheppard. I mean REALLY good. Also, I may or may not have put a few words down on SPN fic. *denies*

My brother is rewatching SGA. He saw The Return parts I and II yesterday.

Oh yes! My team won yesterday! *commemorates* *throws confetti* We're close to be going to the playoffs. Yay!
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Wooooooooo!!! My team won the Brazil Cup!!! Wooooooooooooooo!!!

*runs around shouting TRICAMPEÃO!*

*clears throat*

Ahem, on the writing front... well it's been hard finding time. When I have a little time I don't have the inspiration. Why, oh, why do I find finishing fics so hard? This is likely the last chapter and it's just NOT happening! I also sense a demand for lots of comfort, but I hate writing the comfort part. *cries* I don't wanna leave the team all banged up, but thinking about good doses of final comfort is almost impossible for me. Then feeling that I hadn't spread the whump love enough (I may have concentrated on a certain Lt Colonel, ahem), I added an extra scene to whump another favorite whumpee (a certain astrophysicist) and now I don't know what to do with the aftermatch of that. After all, he's not the only one affected by that scene. I have to think of the consequences to all the team. Maybe I should just erase some parts and tone it down a bit. Would that be just cheating? I'm near the point of not caring if it is or if changing that scene will ruin the ending. I just want to finish this damn fic already so I can move on to other projects. *kicks fic*

Okay, let's concentrate on the good things:


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You can totally skip this post. I'm just posting a lot of team love and happiness, because Corinthians ROCKS and I love my team more than anything. In fact it's very possible that I love Corinthians more than Shep whump. If I had to choose between watching a soccer game and a brand new Shep-whump-filled episode, the soccer game would win, hands down, no chance for poor, poor Shep. *sniff*

Some Corinthians LOVE vids )

On other news, I'm going to the real state agency to sign the contract and get the keys of my new apartment. We are nearly all packed to go. *nervous*
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My throat hurts so bad from screaming!


My team won!


I watched at my mom's on her 42 inches LCD TV and it was awesome!!! Even Gabriel yelled and commemorated with us! LOL! He already knows the team's name and yells "Timão Goool" when sees the symbol of the team. I also have to say that he's just the cutest thing ever. He adores me to death! He yells my name from far and runs and jumps and laughs and yells my name some more. He's got a lot of energy, lol. Then at the end of the game, he called his father to tell his team won, lol. His father is a GREAT fan of Corinthians too, so the boy is always in good company. xD

The only thing is that now I have a sore throat, lol.

The only unhappy person in the house is my brother, a fan of the *other* team, lol. I can't wait to see his face and see all the excuses he'll have ready to explain the defeat.

*iz grinning like a loon*
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I have never been so happy with my team!!!

For those who care about soccer/football )
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Sunday. Soccer. Final. Copa America 2007.

Brazil x Argentina. End: Brazil 3 x 0 Argentina

Us: Champions.

Them: Losers.

Okay. By now you must know that I love soccer.

I'll just let it out, 'cause I've been holding this in my lungs for two days.


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