Apr. 18th, 2009 11:26 pm
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You know, for some completely unknown and mysterious reason I popped in my DVD with the late season 4 episodes of SGA and instead of watching Outcast, like a good Shep fan, I go with Quarantine. No problems right? The thing is, I watched the full episode without skipping parts. For the first time since it aired, I watched those Rodney scenes again. And do you know what I felt? I liked them. I felt relief. I actually wished it had been Keller stuck with him instead of Katie. Also, I liked the bit of Rodney whump there.

So, I went on full on crazy and watched Trio. Can you believe it? Trio! I hadn't seen that one ever since I downloaded it and wanted to delete it! Now, I loved it! I actually liked Keller and Rodney there. Also, Sam is completely made of win, even whumped (girl whump is poo!). And Rodney whump was such a refreshing image *needs to read more Rodney whump*. It doesn't help that I connected with Keller's fear of heights. I'm turning into a pro-McKeller! Talk about a 180 degree turn!

Does anyone have the straitjackets out yet? Because I'm about to put *that* episode. And I'm afraid I'll like it too! OMG! What's happening to me? It's the first Saturday that I don't spend the night filling myself with Shep whump! I just have such a huge grin on my face right now! Even without Shep whump.

Do I need to hand over my Shep whumper card now?

*clings to card* IT'S MINE!

I promise to make it up for it tomorrow! Or after! Or as soon as I finish BS. Promise! *scout's honor*
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I got bit by the vidding muse!!!! I was watching a vid by [ profile] stricken_uk and thought that the song of his vid would fit perfectly to the episode The Last Man.

So here it is.


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Some spoilers for some stuff I watched on the weekend.

Spoilers for Torchwood 2x07 - Dead Man Walking )

Atlantis 4x18 - The Kindred I )

National Treasure 2 I'll discuss it without spoiling main plot twists )

And this film only made me more eager for Indy 4! It's going to be released on my birthday! Isn't it amazing!!!


Jan. 30th, 2008 08:36 am
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GW just died on me. Right when I was going to reply on the whump thread.... I've seen coments on my flist about GW not working properly this morning.

Anyway, I'll just tell that I had a great dream tonight.

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I got the job. Yeah! Now, I have to go to the other school and tell them I won't be getting any classes this semester. They haven't started the semester yet and just got back from the holiday break, but I think they are already working an teacher's schedule, so I hope they won't get too mad for saying this so out of nowhere. The thing is that it all happened so fast, and during the break, so I didn't get the chance to talk to them. I think there won't be any problem, because I told them last year that I didn't know how my life would be in 2008. *hopes*

I start tomorrow. Fast huh? I'll start from scratch on the 7am classes (just delicious, when I think of the time I'l need to wake up at Sats...), then I'll get another's teacher's class, which could give problems, because I'm the fourth teacher they had since they begun. And I don't know about the others yet, but it looks like it'll be six classes (each twice a week). And they actually pay for the bus, unlike the other school.

I'm really liking this school. Their method is a little different, but I really like it. I spent the afternoon and night (from 1pm to 9:30pm) watching the other teacher and even gave one review class with a few games. I like the fact that it's all in English, even for those that don't know a word in English. Pressure there. I like that I'll have to do a lot of mime during the job, lol.

MY name is Erika. *indicates self* What's your name? *points to student*

So, if I don't show up for a few days, it's because I'm busy, planning, and studing, and working, and planning, and studing, and... oh yeah, working. *loves work*

I also have icons. Tons of icons. All Doppelganger, so spoilers for that.

Unspoilery Samples:

124 DG Icons:

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Before anything, I'll just deliver a bunch of random stuff about RL.

Random stuff )

BAMSR Spoilers )

In the middle of all this RL stuff, I wasn't abble to write much or stay on GW *even bigger sigh*. But I've been bit by the vidding muse. I got Sony Vegas on the internet and I'm learning how to use it. The ammount of stuff I can do with it is impressive. I've been wanting to test it for some time, then I listened to Chasing cars by Snow Patrol and bingo! In an instant I had the whole vid made in my head.

Details and Embeded )
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Some contest icons and banners:

*g* I need to reformulate my PB account... I have tons of icons I can't remember what I have already posted... There may be some repeats. Sorry about that.


Here )
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I guess I'm addicted to iconing. Another batch of icons, this time for Tabula Rasa.

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Got back my Photoshop! Yay! After almost 5 months using Corel PhotoPaint, I can go back to the wonder of Photoshop CS2! I spent the entire day seeing if I still remember how to use it and got a little excited about it. Made two Shep walls and a bunch of icons, mostly Travelers, but also some Common Ground, one Adrift and one McKay and Mrs Miller. Wallies are Travelers and Reunion. Spoilers under the cut!


Wallies and 52 icons under the cut )
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When I woke up today to a rainy, cold, dark day, I had no idea what I was to face.  I slept at my mom's because she wanted to have a family DVD session, I said yes and got a free ride home this morning.

At 7:30AM she turns on the light of the bedroom (everyone LOOOOVES waking up like that!), but is promptly forgiven when she brings a puppy to my bed. His name is Ozzy (don't ask, my brother named him, he also called Ozzy's siblings Kelly and Sharon...) and it's just the cutest puppy ever!!! They are two months old, born from Lili, which we adopted after finding her in a dumpster. He has very blue eyes, light vanilla color fur and I just want to squeeze him forever! I had a quick breakfast, climbed in the car with my mom and Meg, one of our cockers, that had a castration surgery today and get home.

The first thing I do when I arrive, obviously, is turning on the PC and checking my LJ and GW. That's when I got the best news ever!!!


*runs in little circles*

Then I log onto GW and find the best Travelers clip of all!!!

*runs around the house squeeing*

And now, the best of all: my mum just bought me Season 1 DVDs for SGA!!!!

*runs around the house squeeing like a mad person*


It will take two days to get here. Will I be able to wait that long?


*runs around the house squeeing like a mad person again*

I must have scared my neighbor, but I don't care.

*continues to run around the house squeeing like crazy*
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I've got 24 shiny new icons.

Comment if taking, credit is nice, they are not bases and no hotlinking.

Textures by [profile] kekoah.

[ x ] 04 John Sheppard or Joe Flanigan
[ x ] 05 Evan Lorne (Spoilers for Doppelganger)
[ x ] 01 Team
[ x ] 03 Rodney McKay and John Sheppard
[ x ] 08 Rodney McKay (Spoilers for Lifeline)
[ x ] 03 Teyla Emmagan
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Icons for Season Four of Atlantis, episodes Adrift, Lifeline, Reunion and Doppelganger.

Spoilers, obviously.


Oct. 6th, 2007 06:21 pm
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I made some more icons today. Two for A Dog's Breakfast, some from Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis and some from Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis (Adrift and Doppelganger).

You know the drill.

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So I think by now everyone knows about the vids I found on YouTube of a recap and trailer, a Sheppard and a Keller vids.

I've got screencaps of the trailer.

Beware of Season 4 spoilers under the cut. Image heavy.

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New vid at MGM site.

I have just one thing to say:

OMG! )
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So MGM website put a vid with Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie talking about S4 of Atlantis and here are the caps:



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