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The GATV website has been putting up some nice discussions about the show during its hiatus are are very well worth the read. They are divided in four parts as follows:

Week 1: Reaction and analysis of Arrow so far, Part 1

Week 2: Reactions and analysis, Part 2

Last Week: Comparison with other comic adaptations

This Week: Expectations and predictions for the rest of Season 1

The discussion is carried out like a podcast in written form and the questions covered through all four parts are posted under the cut. If anyone wants to discuss them here, feel free. I'd love to read people's thoughts.

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This is my attempt at some coherent thoughts about yesterday's episode. There will be massive spoilers of course, so don't read on unless you really don't care if your fun is ruined.

Thoughts on Asylum of the Daleks )
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Okay, I saw this movie on Sunday and I still have no words for it. I have read many wonderful reviews that express everything I think and feel a million times better than I can hope to express.

Every time I think about this movie my mind just goes

before it shuts down from awesome overload.

Let me see if I can express my love for this movie: it's the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed in the history of awesome. Think of something awesome then put a thousand more awesomes in it and it still won't be as awesome as this movie.

It's perfect and flawless. Everyone has their own space to shine. The Hulk STOLE the movie. I was really so worried about Mark Ruffalo, but he totally pulled it off. The Black Widow was another concern, but she was totally kick ass too and the actress was able to show the depth of her character. I really don't know anything about the comic books and she had me very intrigued about her past and her story with Hawkeye. They NEED to make that movie! Loki was creepy and sad, Thor was great being a little torn about the love for his brother and his need to save the planet and I don't think I need to say anything about RDJ. He's always awesome. And lastly, here is Teh Captain. The only thing I need to say is that he is my favorite from now on. I'm sorry, Tony, you are great and amazing, but the Cap stole my heart.

For a more indepth review that expresses my opinion to the letter you can check it out in [livejournal.com profile] sangate's LJ but beware it's full of of spoilers.

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I finally got to see the first episode of Miracle Day thanks to my brother. I managed to see it twice before writing this post and I can say that I really liked it.

Unspoilery parts first.

Miracle Day is dark. It’s darker than Children of Earth, but in a good way. It's a more real kind of Torchwood and it is ideal for a new audience. It has references for the old fans, but it also explains a lot of stuff for the new viewers without getting boring for those that already know how the show works. We've got old faces and new faces to ground each section of the viewership. As an old fan I didn't find it rushed or overly explanatory in any way and was intrigued to find out more, the main goal of a first episode. In a way it feels more like a spinoff than a new season.

The fans that didn't like Children of Earth can give this a try, but don’t think this season will be the same as the ones before. The Welsh roots are still there, but it’s a bigger picture now and a larger scale. The budget certainly looks bigger. There’s more action and, dare I spoil you, more explosions. It’s more of an American show now, but it still has references of the past and the episode certainly had a lot of welshness in it too. It’s an interesting mix and I’m eager to find out how it’ll continue throughout the season.

Of course, we have the new additions to the team. Personally I liked both CIA agents, Rex and Esther, but I’m still unsure about Doctor Juarez. She seems competent enough in the parts she appeared. Old characters are changed from their experiences in the previous season and I can’t talk about that in more detail without going into spoilers, so it continues under the cut.

Spoilers )

Overall, I thought it was an effective first episode, making me curious to figure out other layers of the problem in next episodes and making me realize that I did miss the good ol’ show.
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I saw it yesterday and will only say that this one is my favorite so far. It was a lot better than I had imagined when I read the book and they didn't leave much out.

The downside were the bunch of fans that were screaming for first ten minutes of the movie and that the two girls beside me were actually counting each step they took in line until they entered. Each. Step. And the fact that they didn't stop chatting over the whole film. Apparently one of them hadn't seen some of the previous movies and wasn't understanding squat about this one.
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Can I just say I LOVED the last ep? Oh, the angst!

Spoilers )

And blah! I can't write today because I gotta vote. Since I vote near my mom's I'll have lunch and we'll go together. I have to spend two bus tickets (maybe one if my mom gives me a ride home), just to press two damn buttons in that machine. Three if you count the confirm button. But I'm glad this whole thing is done. I hate elections and this one has been specially bad. However way it goes, democracy will have won. Even though most of the time the people goes for the wrong choice. Truth be told, there aren't any good choices anymore. That's just the way things are going. *g* Don't pay attention to that. It's the PMT talking.

Did you know that in Brazil you can be found not guilty of murder if it's proven you commited the crime under the influence of PMT? I guess I'll just go kill someone now. PMT justifies it, doesn't it?
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What a loooong week. *can't wait for vacations*

I've been immersed in work and in that World Cup frenzy. I've got my bets in Germany, BTW. I had my weep when we got kicked back home, but at least it wasn't a 4 x 0. Srly, that game made me ten times happier than I'd be if Brazil had won the whole cup xD. ARGENTINA GOT BEAT UP AND MASSACRATED!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! \o/\o/\o/

I watched Doctor Who several days ago and pretty much every single day since then. Cut just in case there is anyone left in the world that still didn't watch it )
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OMG! I saw it!


My head hurts...

Maybe it's better if I just go and have a shower to prepare myself FOR THE BRAZIL GAME LATER TODAY!


♥ ♥ ♥

* * *

I have a bet of 3x2 for Brazil. Let's hope I win, I could really use the money, you know.


Jun. 1st, 2010 09:54 am
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I finally saw the new episode.

spoilers )
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I know some people hated it and I honestly don't want to know about it because I loved it. It's my favorite episode of series five so far, going above The Eleventh Hour.

Spoiler comments )

I loved this episode and I need to watch it again. In fact I'm going to put it in my pen drive and take it to my mom's today to watch before the football game. If we lose, at least I'll have some Doctor!angst to accompany me.


May. 14th, 2010 05:12 pm
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This post will probably end up being a bunch of disconnected thoughts, but then it could end up epically long or short. I don't know. I just thought I should post something, even though I have no idea what.

I've been cooking. I cooked dinner the day before yesterday. It was just french fries (or chips because I really like that word and because it's in Doctor Who), but it was actually the best ones I ever made. Not that they should be hard to make. But me being me, that's excellent progress. They accompanied a cheeseburger with bacon that was actually bought at the supermarket.

Today I made a full meal with rice (that kind that has carrots and potatoes and peas in) that actually did taste good (first time EVAR), some cooked eggs, tomato salad and fired chicken (which was also delicious). I also made pudding which will be eaten in a few moments. It also turned up great.

All in all I'm really surprised. I mean really!

I saw Iron Man 2 last week. Or was it the week before? Anyway, I liked it. Initially I thought the first one was better, but I might have to watch both again just to make sure. All I know is that RDJr doesn't hurt the eyes. Not the least bit.

I'm finally, slowly, making out of the hole I find myself in. I will be able to pay everything this month and I'm not late on the bills. Yay!

On the Doctor Who front. I'm almost turning to a spoilerwhore again. Almost. I keep out, but some things inevitably sneak in. I loving all the episodes and Matt Smith is turning out to be my favorite doctor. Who could have imagined? I loved Rory in the last episode and I'm really looking forward to more. Next week's looks interesting, but maybe a little too predictable. I hope I'm wrong.

Talking about episodes, I watched the Supernatural finale today. Spoilery talk )

I'd love to remain 100% spoiler free for season 6, thank you.

Also, It's been really cold in here this week.
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Yay! Another week, another episode! Shall we start this?

Hide and Seek )
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I know I probably shouldn't start this, but what the hell... The DVD is on and MSWord is open and I'm in the mood, so…

I don't know if I'll keep up with this. Actually, I do know that I won't keep up with this, but I'll take the chances that I get in the times in which I feel like doing it. It's not an obligation; it's just something that popped into my mind at this exact minute.

I don't know how brilliant, or funny, or new, or original this is going to be, I'll just take notes as I go. I don't have caps, I won't make caps, I won't research or upload them because I don't have the connection to do so. Also there will be an obvious focus on John Sheppard.

Rising )

This was fun. And it totally killed my back. I should mind my posture when watching and typing.

Sorry for the mistakes. ^_^
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First of all, I still don't have internet. I tried to catch up, but apologies if I missed something because of the huge gaps in between my LJ time.

Second, I saw it!!! And I loved it!

I went with my brother and sister and it's GREAT to see it and have someone to share your experience with. We spoke during the film several times. xD And I don't even like speaking during films. ^_^ I was slitght spoiled though. *sighs* And of all places, I got spoiled watching Brazilian TV. Can you believe it? They are not the least bit interested in SciFi. *sighs*

Going to the movies was a small adventure in itself. I, my sister and my mom went to the movies in the city we live to watch that Nicholas Cage film. We really liked that. It was over at 6:00pm. We went to my place and out of a sudden we decided to go to another city, Sorocaba, about 1 hour drive, to see if we could catch the last Star Trek showing. My mom couldn't go because of Gabriel. So I drove her home and of we went.

We arrived at the mall at 8pm. The place was packed! Four theaters were showing Angels and Demons, and they were all full. Only one theater was showing ST, but the last one had been at 5pm! Can you believe it?

So, we went to another mall. We got there at 8:30 because of traffic. Again, four theaters with Angels and Demons, all packed. There was only one room with ST and it was dubbed! I HATE DUBBED FILMS! And the next available time would be only at 10PM. So we ate (A LOT!) and after we were done, it was time to go already (We really ate a lot, lol).We were alone at the room, then two groups of people arrived, and one more during the trailers. It was really empty and that place is awful! The walls are dripping water with all the humidity! We laughed a lot talking about the lenghts we go for Star Trek.

We liked A LOT and even talked several times during the movies, something we never do. My brother and sister were so unspoiled for this movie, they didn't even know the actors! It was a true jorney of discovery for them to find who was who.

Spoilers from here on )
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I saw it yesterday and really liked it. I don't know anything about comics or cartoon, so everything was a surprise. Cool movie, even though there is a lot of negative reviews around. To tell you the truth I loved it.

small spoiler allert for Wolverine whumpers )


Jan. 3rd, 2009 10:40 am
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I'll do a reaction post of sorts, but I'm sure it won't be totally true because reaction posts can only be done after the first viewing and that happened a week ago. I've seen this ep far too many times already.

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I thought that was kind of boring. Waaaaay too predictable and didn't hold my interest at all.
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I just saw it. Unspoilery part first, I'll leave spoiler space afterwards )


The bad part is that it's over now. No more SGA, except for the movies. *sniff*
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I was finally able to watch SGA!!! YAY!!! The wait was worth it!

Infection Spoilers )

In forgot to say that my mom watched Continuum. xD She really liked it. She doesn't follow the show religiously, but she likes it very much indeed. There's just something incredibly cool about talking about aliens, alternate timelines, and time travel logic with your mom. She liked Ba'al. She had seen him a couple of times but just passing, because she missed the last few seasons. She misses Jack and the Goa'uld too. Thanks to her, I'll think of my uncle everytime I see Ba'al now. She said he looks exactly like him. I had never thought about it, but he really does. Almost his clone xD. Except for the body.


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