New Layout

Dec. 19th, 2012 02:36 pm
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I was tired of my old layout so I got a new one from [ profile] blowxgraphics found here. Let's see how long I get tired of this one. I'm trying to get used to having the sidebar on the right and the userpic on the left since I only ever had them the other way around. It's a bit strange to have them in switched places. But I like it. I was looking for something really light and calming with a small touch of color and this isn't exactly it, but it'll do for now. I like sidebars and large userpics and it's really hard to find layouts that fit all the criteria. If I had time I'd make one myself.
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In between lots of RL stuff to do I managed to squeeze in a layout for the newest Loki LJ community [ profile] lokisarmy. Go there and spread the love for our favorite God!

New Layout

Dec. 14th, 2010 10:15 pm
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I got tired of the colors of my old layout so I decided to change it. New header and new layout. I'll probably get tired of it pretty soon but it'll do for now.
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I made myself a new layout. Again. Let's see how long until I get bored of olive green. xD I actually made a set of four different colors or combinations of colors. All old tones of purple, pink or earth colors (green and brown).

Check it out. [ profile] x_erikah_x
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I made a layout today and I'm working on another one to be delivered by Monday. If you want to check the finished one, it's for [ profile] savingfaith333. I really like that header. Also, I like the colors. Blue is my favorite color.
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I made a brand new layout for my livejournal. I'm really happy with it.
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Do you know what happened yesterday afternoon? ALL my students missed class. 100%. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. This is what happens when you schedule classes to a four day weekend, right at valentine's day. I had nine hours of nothing. Good time to read half a fanfic, get inspired and write mine and do a whole new layout for [ profile] valika56. It's already up, so check it out. It looks lovely, btw.

My prison fic is going wondefully well if you consider the fact that I was able to write 4000 words in a few days while most writing in my five minute braks in between classes. In fact I got so inspired that in the middle of a scene, that was flowing well, I opened a new file to pour down some ideas for later usage. It was something that wouldn't fit anytime soon, if at all in this story, so better write while the muse is happy. It so happens that the half a dozen notes turned out into the beginning of a whole new Shep whump fic. I went to sleep after midnight yesteday, writing more into it, because it wouldn't stop. Than I forced myself to bed and couldn't sleep, because I kept thinking on this damn new plot bunny. I've got a lot of disconnected ideas that easily fit into place when I start writing. Why does my muse torture me like this?

Also, I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't sleep anymore. I wish this damn headache would just vanish. =(
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I made a new layout with four variations. Check it out in [ profile] betasite (friending required) or in [ profile] mintyapple in this post.
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I spent the whole morning making a layout for [ profile] queenfaithie, and then spent the whole afternoon trying to fix it because it didn't work. That was fun. I still think that the header part is the most fun, because coding is HARD!
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I made a new layout, yay! Anyone can grab this one. Click for larger image:

Earthy Colors:

Grab me here! Or go to [ profile] betasite, but you need to friend that journal to see the entry.


Oct. 15th, 2007 06:35 pm
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I found out that making LiveJournal layouts are a bit addictive.

It all started when I got bored of my old layout and decided to look over the net for a new one. It so happens that I didn't know anything about custom styling of livejournal, so I studied and found some very good sources for codes and info on how to make them. There is this very good and useful tool for firefox users called Web Developer Toolbar that basically thought me everything. So I picked a layout that I liked over a comm on LJ and decided to change the colors. I changed the colors slightly from the layout made by [profile] mailerose  , then made some cute little gifs for ljuser, ljcommunity, locked and private entries and decided to create a custom set of smilies using the creations from Gilles Nuytens, Zuz, Camello, Myn and me. It looks so cute now!

After all that trouble, I decided to go to a new level and started making layouts on my own and I'm really liking doing it. I took a request from [profile] firefly_827347  and she really liked it. Now, I'll just post here the other layouts that I worked on over the holiday. To have a look of one of my layouts being used, go over to this other account I made for myself, it's the [profile] betasite  . I wanted to name it Alpha Site, but the name was already taken, darn, instead I chose the AU name from There But The Grace of God. The layout over there will keep changing depending on what I'm working on.


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