Aug. 15th, 2008 11:40 am
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I had a busy morning!!! For the first time since forever. Three patients, and had to do one front tooth filling, one front tooth patch up of an old crown that was falling off and one girl that has a problem in her mandibular articulation and needed some advice. Woohoo!!! I was worrying about running out of money and needing a trip to the bank again. But now I can even have lunch.

Also, this very happy autie has just realized that Gabriel is one year old today!!! Woohoo!!!


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I was studying for a surgery tomorrow and decided to look for some demonstrative stuff on YouTube. There are TONS of things.

I found a very good animation about the formation of cavities with some explanations. Very good if you want to prevent that from happening inside your own mouth. The best way to do it is brushing your teeth after each meal. If you don't the bacteria will use the carbohydrates from the meals and produce acid.

You can see the layers that form the tooth. The process starts and you don't feel anything. As it reaches the second layer, it starts hurting with cold. When it reaches the pulp, there's a spike of pain, until it ceases when the pulp dies. No more pain for a while, and you think it all solved by itself. Don't be fool. Dental problems never solve by itself. It progresses and reaches the bone underneath. It can swell and it'll hurt a lot. Antibiotics served and a huge bill later, you'll get a crown.

That's why it's important to go to a dentist. So we can find these little buggers before it hurts and you need expensive treatments.
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I crashed my mom's car. It wasn't bad, but enough to be expensive. It was my fault and the first time I provoked an accident. I'll have to find a way not to cry when I see the bill on the other guy's car. Just what we needed. My mom got rightfully angry at me because I'm stupid and I suck . I shouldn't assume the guy is going to go foward in a crossing when I see there are no cars coming in either way. If he want's to stop in the middle of the street for no reason whatsoever I get screwed.

I'll have to wait and see. Maybe the damage is not so bad. My mom said our car won't be much, but I have no idea about the other guy. I got to a point when I regret giving him my house phone number. It could be nothing or it could be a whole lot. His car is brand new.

I had a good cry today and had to go to school afterwards for the last class of the day, because you know that guy with no life.... I call saying I'll be late because of a car accident. Instead of asking 'are you okay?', he asks 'but you can make it, right?'. I swear I felt like throwing the phone away. Why do I bother calling? Couldn't he hear how shaky was my voice? In the end I gave the class and found it very relaxing.

I sure hope I pass today's exam. At least something good will have come out of this. The final results will be available only in the 20th of June, but the answers will be online on Tuesday. I must have gotten nearly all of the questions of Portuguese right, because, for some weird reason, I still remember the stupid grammar rules of this subject that I hated and had almost a decade ago in school. There was some stupid questions of general knowledge. Stupid because I don't care about the name of the damn ship that brough the Japanese imigrants to Brazil exact 100 years ago. The name, as reseached on Google, is Kasato Maru and I guessed right. Lucky huh? I also had to hold a geek squee when I read Maru (Kobayashi Maru anyone?). I wrote down the questions I had doubts and I've been checking them. I guessed so many of them right *squees*. I had to guess one about Brazilian Literature, correctly btw, O Corti├žo wasn't written by Machado de Assis (woooooo!). I actually remebered what pKa means xD. I reasoned my way through levels of prevention. I couldn't remember if Eritromicin was a macrolid or not, but it is and I was sooo right! I couldn't remeber the visual symptom for Kaposi Sarcoma, so I also had to guess and correctly too! So I think I have a very good chance. Let's hope .


May. 22nd, 2008 11:46 am
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My friend from uni just called me and made me soooo happy!!! She said they want to come over on Sunday!!! Woohoo!!!

And I just finished wacthing the finale for House. *sniff* That was so sad! I cried so much!

Can't wait to go see Indy 4!!! This movie is so special for coming right on a holiday and on my birthday! This is the only present I want.

I saw an add at the newspaper saying that dentists are needed in a nearby city. I'll call tomorrow and see what's it about. I thought of risking today, but it's a holiday and nobody is working.

Oh, my mum called saying she's bringing lunch! Woooo!

I thought about writing, but I'm proscratinating. Again. I just have no inspiration. Especially after watching that sad episode. *sniff* I think I'll watch something. GW send me an automatic e-mail wishing happy bday, saying I should treat myself with Stargate. I think I'll follow the advice. PROSCRASTINATORS UNITE!
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I had one patient today . It wasn't the one that should have come *evil sideway glance towards the phone*, but it was great. I just felt back at uni, teaching my patient about hygiene and oral health and they both were very impressed . I passed on everything, they seemed to absorb it all, asked questions, commented and everything *iz proud*. So I think it's possible they will return. I got payed for what I did today (I have the impression the mother thought it was cheap for all that I did today and by how impressed she looked, how's that for a change?), so now I have enough for food for the week. I was beginning to get worried I would have to make another hole in my bank account. And I've got more bills to pay, and things to buy for the office, but at least it's something.

I'm just bouncing with happiness. Even though I'm still sick as hell.

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I felt a weird pain in my tooth when I was eating. Suddenly I remembered all those times it hurt imperceptively when I drank something cold so I decided to take a X-ray of myself, which is weird and HARD to do, and weird too. And there it is. A pretty infiltration in my filling. Clear as water. There. Shinning inside my tooth, underneath my filling. OMG! It's very possible I may need a root canal!!! Darn.... I need to seek a dentist. My friends all live so far... I can't afford a root canal now... DAMN!!! If only I could do it myself....
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Before anything, I'll just deliver a bunch of random stuff about RL.

Random stuff )

BAMSR Spoilers )

In the middle of all this RL stuff, I wasn't abble to write much or stay on GW *even bigger sigh*. But I've been bit by the vidding muse. I got Sony Vegas on the internet and I'm learning how to use it. The ammount of stuff I can do with it is impressive. I've been wanting to test it for some time, then I listened to Chasing cars by Snow Patrol and bingo! In an instant I had the whole vid made in my head.

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Dec. 28th, 2007 06:40 pm
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God, it's so hot. I'm melting here. It's nearly 7PM and the temperaure has gone down to 32C, which means the day was a lot hotter. That's why I was swimming in sweat while I worked... Does anyone on my flist want a few extra degrees?

Also, guess who is the only dentist in the city working this week? Yep, that's me. Had two urgency patients yesterday and three today. All turists (I live in region that receives 20.000 turists every weekend) and they have the same complaint: "Where are all the dentists in this place?" This, of course means that I've got enough to live by this end of the month and get into the new year out of the neg bank account. Woohoo!!!

My sis came to visit me today. She made me so happy. She walked one kilometer to the bus stop and got into a bus, only to come here. She wanted me to give her one white t-shirt I don't use, so I did. She bought some stuff and is going to cut it in several places, make it all brilliant and use it on New Year's eve. She's so creative. Half of her clothes are of her own creation. Actually she wanted to study fashion at college, but ended up changing at the last minute.

Oh, yes, I spent the whole morning writing! My muse returned after a very long holiday! I hope she stays with me. *locks muse to desk* Now stay and write!
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Today was just another useless. day. I spent the whole afternoon reading the comments on JM's blog. I got a HUGE headache as a result. Who was the genius that invented black background and white letters?

Also, this morning, I finished my uncle's root canal. It was uneventful. Except for the fire I started. Seriously. As you may or may not know, you finish the root canal with that hot instrument inside the tooth, so you use fire. What you don't know is that ME + FIRE = DISASTER. So I set my counter on fire. Again. I use paper to cover the counter and as you know, paper catches fire easily. So there you have it. I don't know how it happened. It just did. Next thing I know I'm holding a gauze on fire and my finger hurts. So I trow the gauze to the floor. The floor catches fire too. I try to put it out with my shoe, but it didn't work. So I went to the sink, filled a glass of water and put it out. My uncle dealt with the counter and paper successfully. My office smells awful now. And the floor has a permanent mark. And I spent some time cleaning the place up. And I slipped in the puddle of water a couple of times before I finished him up and cleaned the place down. I left windows open, but there is still some smell.

You know, this is the second or third time it happens. Oh, yes. it is the third time. Once that thing exploded when I ignited it. I kid you not. It exploded. With a boom and everything. It left a big hole in my laboratory plastic cover. Funny how I was suddenly in the middle of 50 pair of eyes scared or amused by the stupid senior (yes, I was senior) that exploded the laboratory, oh yes, there were also a bunch of professors (some with a couple of PhDs ). The other time was in college too and was similar to this last experience. I'm actually used to this situation, so I didn't even panic this time... Is that a good thing?

There was this one time at the kitchen. I was removing the newspaper that was covering the wall right next to the frying pan (with the fire on under it, obviously). So I don't use that paper in that wall anymore. I think cleaning it up everyday is much safer. Especially for me.

I think it runs in the family. My cousin set her house on fire once. With an incense. She put it out (or she thought she did) then covered it with paper and went to spend the holiday in their beach house. They arrived there with a phone call saying that the fire department was in their place, and that the second floor was on fire. So they came back in. They say that it still smells after years since it happened.

My sister also nearly set our house on fire. With the hair straightener. She let it on over her bed. Luckily my mom smelled it and turned it off before anything happened.

So that's my story of how, not only me, but also the rest of the family, are always setting things on fire. Maybe I should be more careful when finishing up root canals (who said I didn't have a dangerous job?).


Dec. 1st, 2007 09:06 pm
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Wow! I'm so tired. But the good kinda tired. I had THREE patients yesterday and one today!!! And classes this morning. You can say that I'm very satisfied at the moment. I can even fill that big ol' hole in my bank account. SQUEEEEEE!!! It's still red, but not so red. Just a little red.

My uncle had a tooth ache and called me asking if I could see him. Of course I said yes. Even if it was Saturday evening. And I'm happy, even though I stayed with him doing root canal until 8PM. I HATE ROOT CANALS!!! But I managed to do my thing, even though I took a couple of hours. He said he had no idea root canals were such a hassle for both patient and dentist. I heartily agree. But it is a very important part of the profession and I can honestly say that I hate it less than I did a couple of years ago. Who knows I can even like doing it in a few years?

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I got payed and did the two things I most like doing. A front tooth filling and a extraction. A big molar. It was nice and easy. Both things were. SQUEEEEE!!! All went according to plans and left me with a good taste in my mouth. Both patients left very satisfied and scheduled returns. There is nothing like giving back a smile to someone that couldn't because of a filling that fell or someone that wouldn't because the tooth hurt like hell. Now they are both happy.

Tomorrow I'm going to my mom's and a aunt is coming to visit us with uncle and cousins. I love them so much. They are a lot of fun! And she's bringing some things we had ordered. She sells make up, ear rings, perfume, and all this womanly stuff. I don't need to say how happy this will make all the women in the family (except my mother when she sees the bill).

Well, I'm off to watch Miller's Crossing. I managed to stay pretty spoiler free for this one.

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I hate Fridays. Mega-Cleaning-Day Fridays. Friday is the day I can't simple sweep everything to under the carpet and be done with it. The day that simply dusting won't do the trick. It's when the dirt is as far as it can be and the carpet doesn't have any more room under it to push more. The worse part is that I can't do everything in one day. I'm weak. A couple of hours house keeping is enough to make me plead for some water. I started at 9am and now it's 10am. Of the worst part only the kitchen is left. I'm now thinking if I can postpone the cleaning of it one more day. Thankfully I did the dusting yesterday. And my mother came by by at eight and helped some. I suppose I should feel bad for taking advantage of her like this, but in my defense she only washed the bathroom because she wanted. I didn't ask her. I simply didn't tell her not to do it. She had that mom atitude saying what a bad housekeeper I am and, after six months hearing it, I decided to stop being annoyed by it. Now I simply do the "Yes, mother", the shrug and then smile at her. It seems to work as she usually do something for me before leaving and it's usually the bathroom. She must guess that I hate doing it. She's so right. So, thak you mom. Why do I have such a nice mom? She complains and lectures me, but she accepts the facts and moves on with it. I think every mom must be this way.

Just to add to my mother's nicety, she bought me my first MP3 Player this week. Yes, I know I'm a bit late, but if it was up to me having money to buy one, I would never have it. She just decided to buy me a present for no reason whatsoever. She saw the price and bought three. Three. Can you believe it? One for me, one for my sister and one for my brother. So, even though my bro is unemployed, and I don't make enough money to pay for my bills, she went there and bought them. And besides everything, she still pays for my rent (thank God) and is paying for my dentist chair and everything else inside my office for still another year. Oh, yes, she also washes my clothes because I don't have a washing machine and she takes pity of this miserable dentist washing clothes by hand. So, even though I'm not living with her anymore, everything is still the same, except that I sleep in another house and I cook for myself. It's a little frustrating. Gosh, I even still use her credid card and we share the same bank account.

So, I think the point of this rambling is to say that I really, really, really love my mother.

On another note, I had one patient this week that came by and asked for a filling. I did it and she payed. Woohoo! Of couse the money was already spent solving a ton of problems. But it helped with some professional satisfaction. The boy I am treating has only one more appoitment left and I installed his orthodontic device today. I'm happy. The boy was ecstactic with his shiny toy, putting it in and out and looking the two gaps formed by the extractions being filled with fake teeth. He's gonna need to wear it for a couple of years until his new teeth grows into their places. I feel I should buy him a present. He's so sweet.
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After a crappy couple of weeks I finally had a good day. An excellent day. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So happy!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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So, my boredom reached record levels this past few days. I didn't do anything but stay at the damn computer from 8AM to 10PM. No patients. NOT ONE. No patients means no instruments to wash, prepare or esterilize, which takes a good time of an hour everyday just to distract me. I used to hate this task at college, but now I find that it relaxing. So in the HUGE amount of free time I made icons. As usual.

Icons )
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Snurched from [profile] listy01 

I'm not as normal as I thought...

You Are 50% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself
How Normal Are You?

Yes... I had three patients this week!!! I didn't get much from them though. But enough to eat, which is good. I'm really happy! Especially for yesterday's patient. It was an easy case, but different and hands on. I managed to use some of my new equipment and fix the tooth. SQUEEEEE!!! My satisfaction level is up!!!!

And to complete my day, today is the start of S3 of Stargate Atlantis at FX at 11pm!!!!!!! I'll probably take the bus to go to my mum's, sleep over, wake up at 6:30 tomorrow and come back home. But it's soooo worth it to see Atlantis on TV finally!!!!!

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My morning is being full. Full of nothing. Well, except cleaning up. Especially after the huge mess I made while sterilizing my stuff. Don't ask. It was nothing, just stupid, really, really stupid. I am waiting for my mom to show up with some missing things and ask her to help me, because I really don't want to mop the floor. I guess I'll have to stop pretending like I'm too busy with other stuff and get over with it.

I also remembered so many things I totally forgot to buy... I'll have to go to some local shop and see to it. It will be more expensive, but I really need to have then. When a case comes and I need to solve it, I can't really turn to the patient and say "Sorry, forgot to buy this cool medicine to treat you."

To make thing better, my nose is closing up on me now and I've been sneezing the whole morning. I thing is that damn cold my friends had, it can't be allergy, 'cause I'm not allergic. Not to anything that have this effect anyway.

Better go mop the floor now... @#$%&
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I'm back! It was a fun long weekend and now every muscle in my body is sore. It may have something to do with the 15 kilograms of dental material that I had to carry all the way to the bus station all by myself. Mmmmm...

Beside that it was really fun. I bought all the stuff with my friend Camila and I got happy that I managed to buy more than originally intended and had the nicest discount of my life. Then we went to a bar, talked and chatted for several hours over a few drinks with the rest of the gang (we didn't go bowling) and I stayed aver at Helen's house. I even slept with one of her cats (they are soooo lovely!!!). We played a few games, had lunch and stayed the whole afternoon by the fireplace eating marshmallows.

Today I spent organizing everything to be ready to open my doors tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I am probably not going to see anyone tomorrow, but I can wish. I wonder how long it's going to be before I see my first patient on this brand new place. It's not really my first patient, but it's going to be the first that is actually going to pay, since the hundreds of patients from college doesn't count.

I have now lots of catching up to do over the stuff I missed over this weekend.
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WARNING! Dentist talk ahead!

Yesterday I went to a Dental Trauma course. It was very worth it. Free food and lots of new information about dental trauma. *g* Not that I really like the subject, I just felt rather unprepared to face it before, something that most dentists feel. But because I'm a responsible one, I actually go take on courses and look for the information to realize that before it happens. I actually got a bit interested in the subject. Not that I'm ready to do an endodontics full course *shudders*, because let's say that I still don't have the passion for it, but I'm confident that it's not SO bad. Just hard, difficult, boring, painful (for the dentist too, you know; I actually get sore fingers after the root canal treatments), a literal pain to treat, not to mention the complaints for the McKay type patients, that keep on whining even though you are not even touching the damn tooth.

That's what I hate the most. The first thing a regular dentist (at least the ones that graduated with me) do when the patient starts complaining about pain is check if there is actual pain. To do that we ask "Does it hurt now?" when we are not doing anything and just pretending to touch the location of said pain. Well when the response comes with "Yes it does" we know that we have a McKay type patient, like I'm going to call them henceforth. With them is hard to tell what's real pain and what's not. Do I give them an extra shot, or just tell them to suck it up, whining bastards? Not that I call them that (not out loud that is).

But going back to the original subject,  I really liked the course. I also met a couple of guys from college, and naturally, met some old professors (being them the ones promoting the event). The one that I was really looking forward to see again didn't go because he was too busy being honored on another State of the country *sighs sadly*. Good for him of course. He's the greatest professor of the entire college, and that says something when you are referring to one of the most respected institutions of the country. He's a very lovely white-haired grandpa whose patience made me dread this subject much less and get one of my highest grades on all six years of college: a very pretty 8,0. Taking in account my grades on the written tests and with the practical rubber patients, I judge that I actually got a TEN on the clinical performances with the live patients. Something unheard of before, and source of great pride for my class, since most of us had such grade.

Another thing worth of mentioning is my ability to link everyday stuff with Stargate. During the course, actually in the very beginning, there was a number of vids of accidents (the kinds found on youtube) that resulted in dental trauma. There was a couple one that were skateboarding accidents and my fangirl brain soon melted into goo as I immediately thought about Joe Flanigan and was incapable of thinking about anything else for the remainder of the traumatic vids presentation. I just hope that something like those horrid vids never happens to his extremely pretty face.


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