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(Guys, just ignore the parts in Portuguese, it's a bilingual post. It's the same thing, just translated.)


Firstly, this is my interpretation of the facts in the episode. Secondly, the theories here come from far and wide and from all over the feels people are posting everywhere over the net. I put the ones I believe together and worked from that point on according to my knowledge and my personal interpretation of the show and its characters. I am in no way trying to suggest this is the only explanation there is.

I started writing this just as I read this post at [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho and it evolved from my initial thoughts, from both the thread and my word file. This is a mesh from everything my head ended up absorbing.

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I'm a blubbering mess right now. Internet was renewed for the month which means I've got bandwidth for today, and maybe a bit of tomorrow before it runs out and I'm stuck with the patetic speed of 32kbps. I used it to watch Doctor Who. Probably means bandwidth will have been used up by the time I can watch H50... Really, I need unlimited dl internet.


The Angels Take Manhattan )

Another thing that helped a great deal in getting over all these feels was the sneak peak for Monday's H50 ep, 3.02. Really, only Steve and Danny bromance can be of any help right now.

H50 3.02 sneak peak )
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Just a MONTH after my computer was "fixed", it fried again. It's toast and it won't get past that black screen of the boot process. Really, is that bad luck or what? Since it came back with a supposedly new HD (I'm now having doubts if they really replaced it), it would freeze randomly with no apparent program as a source and force me to restart. Yesterday, it gave me a real hard time and then poof. Nothing.

I got really close to throwing that think out of the window. It's still new, how can it be giving so much trouble. Also, it came back with a different version of Windows 7 than I had previously. Since it was a better one, or at least I thought so, (W7 Ultimate) I didn't complain because I had the laptop sent straight back to the manufacturer for being almost brand new and I thought they had upgraded.

So I decided to google Windows 7 64bits and it seems it is a very common problem with this version, specially unofficial pirated versions and I started wondering if they had put an unlicenced product in my computer. I returned to the place where I had it fixed (or NOT) and they said they would test it and call back when they know what's wrong.

And I still haven't watched the lastest ep of H50 and now I don't know when I will be able to. =(

PC is down

Dec. 16th, 2011 01:14 pm
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Apparently, the hard drive is messed up in a way that it is innacessible and formatting would cause more damage to it. I was recommended to take it back to the store and let them solve it. That means NO COMPUTER FOR TWO WEEKS. WHAT DO I DO??? I don't even have a DVD player to watch my shows. All I have is a TV set so old it doesn't even have remote control. I think I'll have to see if my TV will accept a dvd player if I decide to buy one so I can have something to do during my vacations coming up next week. If it doesn't then I have a problem. I can't afford a modern TV right now.

Will I survive two weeks of vacations without a computer???
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My laptop has died on me yesterday and it's the hard drive. T_T I think I'm going to lose all my vids. AGAIN! I've got two choices: format or format. And right when I was starting to catch up on Psych! I managed to finish watching season 2 and was starting on the third. God I missed that show!!! I had forgotten how much it makes me laugh. I want to be able to watch more! T_T

F-list love

Dec. 7th, 2011 05:21 pm
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I'd like to leave big squishy hugs for [livejournal.com profile] leesa_perrie and [livejournal.com profile] timespirit for being awesome and giving me extra userpic space till 2013. OMG! *jumps up and down* I keep uploading icons and the space is neverending!!!

Also, I found out there'll be another Supernatural convention in Brazil next year and the confirmed guests are Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino and Richard Speight Jr (AKA Gabriel). O.M.G. I NEED TO GO. Of course, I won't unless I win in the lottery in the next three months. I can't buy the bronze pass (access to the pannels only) because they are only for students and the silver is way too expensive for me. There is also the issue that it'll be in Rio de Janeiro, so I'll have to include airplane tickets in the expenses too. =(



Sep. 4th, 2011 08:19 am
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It's my third day locked up inside my house and I'M GOING CRAZY!!! Please, can I get better already? I JUST WAN'T TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!

I can't tell how many times I watched the same eps over and over. I love Doctor Who, but I'm getting tired of doing nothing other than squee over the Eleventh Doctor. I know, bad fangirl. I'll take that back. It's never enough Eleven fangirling.

My net is crappy and I still got to watch the latest ep of TW.



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