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I just found that there is a new Canadian promo with new scenes that weren't in any of the promo or the preview that was already released.

If you missed the other promo:

And the preview:

There are also new images revealed about the upcoming episode "Trust But Verify" (1x11) that can be found here at GATV.
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The GATV website has been putting up some nice discussions about the show during its hiatus are are very well worth the read. They are divided in four parts as follows:

Week 1: Reaction and analysis of Arrow so far, Part 1

Week 2: Reactions and analysis, Part 2

Last Week: Comparison with other comic adaptations

This Week: Expectations and predictions for the rest of Season 1

The discussion is carried out like a podcast in written form and the questions covered through all four parts are posted under the cut. If anyone wants to discuss them here, feel free. I'd love to read people's thoughts.

Under cut for size )
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I'm really, really liking this show. Way, way more than I thought. Stephen Amell may have something to do with it.

There's a very nice interview with him here.

And the 1.10 extended promo. I'm just glad the show will be returning soon. January 16th isn't that far.


Nov. 1st, 2012 12:29 pm
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I was trying to find LJ communities about Arrow and didn't find any. =( Where are the Arrow fans? I'm really starting to like this show.


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