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If you missed Day 1.


Amelia and Marcus were crossing the large Simocean when a storm hit. In the middle of the night, both managed to escape in a boat and ended up on some island somewhere. They explored the place a bit looking for signs of civilization but found none. They were able to get a few supplies from the wreck, ate some fish and spent the night under the stars.

Day 2

Day two didn't start well. After a restless sleep, Amelia woke up with the sun already up and a hot weather. She fanned herself as she felt her skin warm. She touched herself and hissed.


She turned around and saw Marcus already awake. He looked at her and pursed lips. She knew he was worried. They couldn't stay out in the sun like that for much longer or they would literally burn up.

She looked up. It was still morning and the sun was already hurting her.

He approached her slowly. "First thing we need to do today is to find shelter."

She nodded. She followed his gaze and looked at the treeline.

"For that we need to get to work," he continued. "The forest will have everything we need to do that."

She glanced at him.

He turned to her. "We will split up. You can collect large leaves and have a look at some of the crates."


It didn't get long for her to have several large leaves. After that she walked the beach and collected items. It seemed another crate had washed up. It was split and partly open and she was able to access its contents with only little trouble.


It was full of clothes.

Most of them were old and torn and they were all male clothes. She found the smallest sized ones and tore them to make the smallest sized clothing she had ever seen. But they would serve for swimming and the hot periods of the day. Even though she wasn't willing to give up on her dress yet. She was stranded with a man after all.

She used the remaining rags to make some cover from the sun and managed to create two portable shades. She returned to camp and saw that Marcus had managed to create two large ones using branches from the forest.

She presented him with her creation and saw his smile. She smiled back.

Looking up, she saw that it was already past midday. That explained her rumbling stomach.

Luckily they still had fish from the previous night. Burying them in sand managed to keep them fresh.

"I think we need to explore more," Marcus said as he ate. "We could look again at those rocky formations all over the beach and see if we can find a cave." He chewed his fish. "These shades won't be enough in this heat."

And that's what they did.

They shared glances. She bit her lips, concern suddenly filling her. She should be at least pleased to have found some shelter, but now found herself afraid to keep going. Marcus entered the cave without glancing back and that was the push that she needed.

The cave was dark but cool. She listened intently. There was no noise other than the break of waves and the brush of leaves outside.

They kept going and only after a few meters, they found a dead end.

Water! There was water coming from the rocks on the walls! Not a small stream, but a gushing waterfall.

Marcus entered the water and Amelia wanted to freshen up as well.

The pool was deep enough to swim without your feet touching the ground. Rocks had fallen and blocked the way top but Marcus thought there could be tunnels underneath or a way to get past these rocks. He decided to try to explore later. For now, they had work to do.

She looked at him a sudden flush heating her cheeks. She snapped out of it and got to work.

After spending the entire afternoon moving around the few items in their camp, they were finally settled down.

This night, she slept heavily.

Day 3

Last night Amelia dreamt of rescue. She dreamt of seeing white sails on the horizon, well dressed sailors and food.

Real food.

Something other than fish.

The taste wasn't the best anymore. She really liked fish and she loved cooking but while they were trying to gather their things together she had little time to focus on having a real meal.

And today would be another day.

“Will you explore the cave beyond the blocked pond today?”

He nodded. “This will be my task today. We had no idea how long we will have to stay here, so we’d better make it as comfortable as possible. We were too far off course to expect rescue anytime soon.”

“The forest can provide us with plenty of food.”

“I had some experience with planting so I could make a garden to provide us with a steady supply of food.”

“That’s a great idea. We need to ingest some vegetables to go with the coconut and fish.”

Meanwhile, he would go back inside and try to explore some more.

The rocks looked looser than the rest of the cave. Maybe he could move them and find out what was beyond the pond.

So he got to work.

He removed the first stone slowly, careful not to disturb the others and provoke a cave in. When everything seemed to stay in place, he continued.

As he progressed, he got more confident and progress came faster. Dust rose all over him and entered his nostrils but he continued, now sure there was another tunnel beyond.

Even in the shade of the cave, he started feeling the heat that came from the heavy physical work.

Rocks and more rocks, but they all made way. He wondered if they had fallen from a cave in and how stable the cave was.

He really hoped it was.

He took a deep breath. He gave himself a couple minutes and then forced himself to continue.

Finally, he got through.

Two tunnels lead away from the main one. Both led to more underground water.

He decided to explore. He found a network of tunnels but nothing very impressive or of much use. At least now he had cooled down.

Outside, Amelia had managed to find a few vegetables and fruits. She piled them up and decided to plant one of each and save the rest for eating.

She also managed to find some more crates. Some were empty and could be useful as furniture. Others had books and some other small supplies in them.

She separated the books and left them out in the sun to dry off just in time to see Marcus returning from within the caves.

She told him about the Garden she had made. He smiled and complimented her.

She said that when they bear fruit they wouldn't need to worry about food anymore.

She also told him about the books and he proposed they do a shelf using the boards from the crates.

He touched her shoulder to compliment her again and she felt herself flush.

After a short fix, they had a corner of the cave separated from the water.

She went outside again, thinking about getting a couple of fresh fish. She saw Marcus observing an animal, his face pensive.

He slowly approached the creature then reached out and grabbed it, hearing it squeak before it silenced.

He smiled. "We have dinner."

Marcus had a fire going and they chatted for most of the night while savoring some nice roasted meat.


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