Feb. 8th, 2012

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Just a MONTH after my computer was "fixed", it fried again. It's toast and it won't get past that black screen of the boot process. Really, is that bad luck or what? Since it came back with a supposedly new HD (I'm now having doubts if they really replaced it), it would freeze randomly with no apparent program as a source and force me to restart. Yesterday, it gave me a real hard time and then poof. Nothing.

I got really close to throwing that think out of the window. It's still new, how can it be giving so much trouble. Also, it came back with a different version of Windows 7 than I had previously. Since it was a better one, or at least I thought so, (W7 Ultimate) I didn't complain because I had the laptop sent straight back to the manufacturer for being almost brand new and I thought they had upgraded.

So I decided to google Windows 7 64bits and it seems it is a very common problem with this version, specially unofficial pirated versions and I started wondering if they had put an unlicenced product in my computer. I returned to the place where I had it fixed (or NOT) and they said they would test it and call back when they know what's wrong.

And I still haven't watched the lastest ep of H50 and now I don't know when I will be able to. =(


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