Jan. 14th, 2012

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I keep intending on watching Sherlock but I keep getting distracted. I finished watching all eps of Psych and only I need to re-watch those season 1 and 2 eps from so long ago. I'm also incredibly happy to find out that the Psych fans out there call themselves Psych-Os. Really, I can't get enough of this show and I die a little bit every time I think I'll have to wait until Feb 29th to watch the next new ep. But wait for iiit, the'll be coming back for season 7!!! Woohoo!!!

I watched the first 4 eps of H50 and I'm also loving that show, specially the relationship between Steve and Danno. I like them both but I have a slighter bigger crush on Danno, though Steve is incredibly hot and whumpable. I guess I'll keep them both. I got so incredibly happy that both managed to get shot straight up in the first ep of that show. I knew from that moment I'd be watching more of it. The teammy goodness is also very satisfying.

Meanwhile, on Supernatural I'm slightly curious about the beer thing from last week's episode. That's gotta mean something. I'll be watching this week's episode later today and see how it goes. spoilers )

I guess I'll leave Sherlock for next week and watch all three eps in a row. Not a bad plan.


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